Ellipsis is Iowa’s “no wrong door” care provider for kids and families. We’re an agency that welcomes and works with people however they come or are referred to us, reducing barriers to programming and services that keep families connected and thriving.

On any given day, we serve more than 750 kids and their families with residential care and treatment, counseling and therapy, behavioral health intervention services, care coordination and family support. In doing so, we’re helping kids and families overcome turbulent pasts to build successful, rewarding futures.

OUR MISSION:Help kids and families Rewrite their stories.

Ellipsis helps kids and families build healthy relationships so they can write their own story. Ellipsis is your safe space to pause before beginning your next chapter. Explore the areas below to see how we’re making our mission a reality in Iowa.

Creating a community where kids and families are valued, hopeful, healthy and together

The individual needs of those we assist are incredibly diverse. As we grow our programs to provide more opportunities for healing and growth for more people, we’re creating avenues for success that last a lifetime. We’re on a mission to create communities built on meaningful connections between kids, families and those who support them. 

To guide our work, we ground ourselves in four key values. Operationally and intrinsically, these values are the heartbeat of Ellipsis.


We act with compassion, placing the wellbeing of our clients, their families, and our employees above all else. We value relationships and tailor our care to the individual needs of each person.


We’re confident – and we don’t give up easily. We advocate for what’s right over personal gain. We’re undaunted in helping our clients overcome challenges while charting their future.


We’ve got grit, and we’re not like everyone else. We’re authentic. We say what we mean and are honest in our interactions. We’re true to ourselves and are respectful of one another.


We value stability – for our clients, their families, and our team. We are thoughtful in our decisions and persistent in our resolve. People know what to expect from us and that they can count on us.