Ellipsis community programs are focused on strengthening family life, reestablishing the self-worth of the individual and teaching basic skills for living in the community, all while maximizing opportunities to keep families together.

We tailor our program delivery for each child or young adult, employing a variety of techniques and strategies depending on individual needs and situations. Our prevention and diversion programs and our behavioral health support and after care programs are designed to ensure kids can stay in their homes while receiving services ranging from personal and family-based therapy to crisis stabilization, and can take place in the home, remotely or in other community settings.

Available for children of all ages and their family members, the programs and services we offer are highly tailored and designed to be as comprehensive as possible while encouraging permanency and consistency to prepare the youth for their lives ahead.

Prevention and Diversion Programs

Programs developed to provide evaluation, identification, treatment and support services to family units dealing with a serious behavioral or emotional difficulty. These programs deliver skilled therapeutic services to increase the ability of those affected to cope with and overcome the obstacle.

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Behavioral Health Support & After care

Individual, group and family programs developed to provide behavioral health and other specialized services for kids and families dealing with a mental health diagnosis. These programs can assist individuals with addressing and working through problematic root emotions, behaviors and functional issues affecting daily life.

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