When a situation calls for direct intervention to ensure a child’s needs are being met, Ellipsis can help by providing placement in a secure, enriching setting.

Ellipsis is home to the most holistic and comprehensive youth shelter in Iowa, which serves kids of every age and ability with supportive services that help youth overcome the past, rebuild hope and prepare for life ahead.

Children may arrive at our shelter for a variety of reasons, including parents’ inability to provide care, allegations of abuse, homelessness or other concerns. Our Crisis Care program ensures that kids receive basic needs as well as the counseling services, educational support, medical care and resources they need to heal from trauma and discover the childhood they deserve.


Child Welfare Emergency Services (CWES) Emergency Shelter

CWES welcomes kids of all ages and backgrounds, giving them a safe, supportive environment for as long as their need requires. In addition to skills development, positive role modeling and social interaction with kids their own age, the shelter offers diverse counseling and therapeutic services to treat behavioral, emotional or substance use problems.